In order to ensure the overall development of the child, it is vital to strike a healthy balance between the classroom learning and extra-curricular activities

So the school offers a wide range of activities like Dance, Music, karate, Yoga and meditation by specialized teachers.

The other Co-curricular activities include Elocution, Recitation, Quiz, Essay writing, Story Telling and Debate.


Yoga is the science of right living and it works when integrated in our daily life. It works on all aspects of the child: the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual.


Dance not only helps our children fit, but it allows them to express themselves too. All children relish the idea of expressing themselves in one way or another, and dance can act as an exciting way to do this. Learning dance brings about an emotional maturity in the child that is not achieved through many other lessons in a school curriculum. Dance also gives a positive effect on the child’s social skills and confidence.

School Radio

St .Mary’s radio has been a great success. All children loved it as well; we had incredibly positive comments from staff, pupils and parents. We include: News & Events, Current affairs, Jokes and Funs, daily tips, dedications, wishes and live songs.


Competitions lives at the heart of Sports and without it sports may lose its meaning. For a sports man the principal objective is to prove that he is better than his opponent. To achieve performance excellence, you have to be the best physically and mentally.

School Houses

In order to promote Sports, Games and co-curricular activities in an atmosphere of fine sports man ship as well as excellent competitive spirit, the students are divided into three houses namely Emerald ,Ruby and Sapphire. Each House is guided by teachers , a House Captain and a Vice- Captain.


Apart from learning within the four walls of a class room, the students are taken on one day education Field Trips to various places.